Due to the delicacy of balloons we do not use third party couriers. Our drivers are all trained in our products. If something pops on the way to your delivery they are stocked up and will stop to replace it. We guarantee our product until delivery.

We also offer contact-free delivery to ensure yours and our safety during these challenging times.

Please note all orders must be placed by 8am the day required.


We have a minimum order of $50.00, not including delivery.
Deliveries start from $29-$59. Once you enter the delivery address through the checkout, the delivery charge for the delivery location will appear. Once your date is selected, a drop-down list for times will appear.

Standard Day Time Delivery Times: Morning anytime between 9am-2pm. Mid Day anytime between 11am-3pm, Afternoon anytime between 12noon-5pm. We cannot guarantee what time between these hours your order will be delivered. If requiring your delivery by a certain time, please give our friendly staff a call before ordering to double check this. (03) 9351 0789

Gift Deliveries

If the recipient is not home, we will endeavor to leave the product in a safe place. If this is not possible, a re-delivery charge may apply. If unsure, please give us a call.

Function Deliveries

You do not need to be present at a venue (where applicable) to accept delivery of the product. A venue staff member can accept delivery and we will set up your balloons for you where possible.

We ask if you can let us know what time your event starts by noting this in the order notes section, to make sure your balloons are inflated at the optimal time. This is a very important piece of information.

Our drivers schedules change each day, and for that reason we cannot provide a delivery time.

All orders will be arrive between either on the date that you select. If you request a certain time through the checkout,
we will try to do our best, but can not guarantee this.

  • Morning Delivery 9.00am-2pm
  • Mid day 11am-3pm
  • Afternoon Delivery 12noon-5pm